You Are Ordered to Appear

There are two obvious ways all citizens are expected to participate, but only one of them is compulsory — voting you can do or not; skip a jury summons and go to jail. 

That’s where this comes in.

If our people don’t vote, we lose. That’s the problem, GOTV is the solution. We need to find our people and Get Out The Vote.  Voting (and encouraging others to vote) is as important to citizenship as jury duty and a lot more fun. 

Last non-Presidential California primary — that would be June 2014 — want to guess how many of us voted? Twenty-five percent! One registered voter in four, for heaven’s sake. In the Congressional race, Dem turnout here in our 4th District was so pathetic that two Reeps and no Democrat advanced to November. Tom McClintock had a virtual free ride.


Should you be unconvinced still, here are some stories about heart stoppingly close elections.  For you really hard cases, here are elections decided by one vote.

If Tom McClintock is reelected only because you didn’t pull a shift at a phone bank or offer to canvass, just think how you’re going to feel.  I can tell you how you’ll feel: like we all did the night of November 8, 2016 when the TeeVees told us Trump had won.  Want to feel that way again?

Didn’t think so.  Come help your fellow citizens Get Out The Vote. Join a campaign.  It’s one more way to get even with the Russians for messing with with us last time.


Tom DeVries uses exclamation points very sparingly, so when he does, pay attention!