Why Is Tom McClintock Helping Panama?

People as far away as Panama probably now know that the 2017 Republican tax cut worked spectacularly well if you were a large corporation or very wealthy. Panamanians would know of course because that’s one of those tax havens where the fabulously rich park all their extra money. 

It might be about to get even better for the Panamanians, and for the top 1% here at home.  DC Republicans are talking about another tax cut this year. Really.  One more chance to make Tom McClintock’s dreams come true.

For McClintock the tax cut he voted for is more than a gift to the few.  It is leverage to pursue his deep, long-term, often-stated desire to get at Social Security and Medicare. Except for the Pentagon, it’s the only pot of cash nearly big enough to pay for a two trillion dollar tax giveaway, let alone retire some of the national debt. 

And, by the way, he wants to give the Pentagon a raise. McClintock is the budget chair of the Republican Study Committee whose 2019 budget calls for a boost in defense spending, according to The Hill news service. McClintock’s plan, the article says, “makes deep cuts to mandatory and domestic spending programs, and overhauls entitlement programs, among other things.”

Medicare, Social Security, Forest and Park Services, fire fighting, all the hundreds of other government programs and efforts, are central to the economic health of our communities, your neighbors, McClintock’s constituents.  the importance of Federal spending in the 4th is enormous, vital to thousands of us for jobs, health, education, nutrition, and more.

Our Congressman, Tom McClintock is already telegraphing his intention. In a House speech just days ago, using Right Wing scare language, he pled for the chance to “save Medicare and Social Security from impending collapse.” 

Honestly, there are several ways to strengthen Social Security and restore public confidence. One is to stop telling campfire ghost stories and frightening the campers. Another is not to give away two trillion dollars to people and corporations that don’t need it and then complain you don’t have enough money. 

Panama’s tax havens can get along fine without the extra cash.


Tom DeVries just spent $550 repairing his road which was washed out by climate change Tom McClintock says didnt happen. I mean, seven inches of rain in two hours?