Where Does He Get This Stuff?

Maybe our Congressman figures if he says nonsense to a Hard Right Fake News outlet nobody will notice.

A couple of days ago he said this to Breitbart: “Now Jerry Brown has signed a law that within two years … you’ll be getting a notice from your water district; if you’re an average residential water user, you use between 90 and 100 gallons a day … you’re going to get a notice from your water district telling you that you need to cut back your water usage to 55 gallons a day for no particular reason except it meets the leftist ideology.”

Where to begin? Let’s read the actual law, shall we?

“…within two years….” No, not two years, more like four. The law sets targets that go live in 2022.

“…you’ll be getting a notice….” Not necessarily. The new law makes the water districts responsible for keeping water use within reason. The Districts get to decide how to meet the targets and how to get us to cooperate. And any enforcement or fine is against the water district.

”…cut back your water usage to 55 gallons a day….” This is an average target for a water district and the law is clear that 1) local climate conditions and so forth are to be considered, and 2) that the targets can be adjusted by the Legislature if need be.

“…you use between 90 and 100 gallons a day….” Apples and oranges. Those numbers apply to average water use total indoors and outdoors. In much of urban California household water use — in and outdoors both — is already below those quantities.

“…no particular reason….” Good lord, common sense not to mention the text of the law tell us what the reasons are: four years of drought plus climate change. Figure as well that the population of California is growing.

“…it meets the leftist ideology….” Actually the leftist tree huggers at the Sierra Club opposed the law because it doesn’t go far enough. It was supported as passed by a broad list of business and trade groups as well as water districts in LA and the Bay Area.

No surprise, the big ag water districts don’t like the restrictions and Congressman McClintock may well be, shall we say, carrying their water. Or else maybe he just gets his cues from crazy websites like ZeroHedge where he would have read incorrectly that the new law makes it illegal to wash clothes and take a shower in the same day.

– – –

Tom DeVries has his own well and knows exactly how much water he uses. Also, contra Tom McClintock, he does not believe the four years of drought was imaginary or the fault of leftists.