Les Francis, far left, sits with Representative Don Edwards, President Jimmy Carter and Representative Norm Mineta aboard Air Force One. Courtesy photo

What We Learned From You

Late last year, following the 2022 midterm elections, the Sierra Forward Leadership Team asked friends and supporters about their concerns, and what they would like to have us do about them. The survey was not valid in a quantitative sense (respondents were voluntary, self-selected as it were), but it was very much akin to a very large focus group discussion (qualitative research, in fact).For the first time since its founding in 2017, during the 2022 midterm elections Sierra Forward expanded its “field of play” — in terms of geography and activities.

The results were instructive.

As to issues facing the country, we heard a loud consensus on domestic policy questions—concerns over immigration, homelessness, economic security, access to health care, rural broadband, etc. 

People in our “camp” are also deeply troubled about the future of our democracy, and attacks against it from within the country. Maintenance of the rule of law and voting rights are top of mind issues.

Importantly, respondents want—no, are actually demanding—what is best termed a “civic community”. They want to interact with like-minded voters, people who share their views and values. They want trustworthy information—facts, not Faux News. 

We are taking all of this input seriously, and it will help shape our efforts as we look to 2024 and beyond. We hope our friends will continue to offer advice and help guide us as we move ahead.