Trump’s Lies Cause Real Harm, and Threaten to Do Much Worse

Donald Trump

Trump’s lies have escalated over the past couple of weeks, going from a previous high of 60 lies per week, to 103 and 100 lies each of the last two weeks, while the GOP continues to try to convince us that this is the new normal. It’s not, and we should never let it be.

As this article discusses, we don’t know why Trump lies. He could be trying to gaslight us – to convince us to accept the fantasies he spins, and question our own understanding of truth and falsity. He could be truly misinformed, choosing to believe the falsehoods he sees on his favorite news program over the intelligence he receives, or could if he asked, from the U.S. Government. Or perhaps he’s unstable, and cannot discern the difference between truth and falsity. The problem, of course, is that none of these possibilities is good. The American President has tremendous power, and Trump has more than most because other politicians are abdicating their oversight responsibility. Trump can lie us into a conflict if he chooses. He can turn away from real risks, to focus on imagined dangers. And he can embrace our enemies – even those who are determined to do us harm – because he chooses to believe their leaders instead of the leaders of the countries who have been our allies for decades. We face real problems in this country but we will never be able to solve them if we give in to a president who creates his own reality. Policies based on lies are doomed to fail and we are the ones who will suffer.

Tom McClintock has abdicated his role, as our Representative, to conduct oversight of the executive branch. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Trump’s living in a fantasy world, and his incessant lies are helping him make disastrous decisions

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