Trump Administration Hopes to Force California to Accept More Fracking

GOP politicians talk a lot about states’ rights, but as we’ve seen time and again, they invoke states’ rights when it suits their purposes, and ignore them when it doesn’t. The Trump administration is no different, and has made clear that it has no respect at all for the rights of California and its residents.

Oklahoma learned first-hand the harm that fracking can do. It increased fracking in its state and experienced a shocking rise in magnitude 3+ earthquakes. In 2013, Oklahoma had only 109 earthquakes; in 2014 that number rose to 579; in 2015 it was 903; and in 2016 it was 623. Oklahoma finally shut down many waste water injection sites and its magnitude 3+ earthquakes dropped to 294 in 2017. Now, though, the Trump administration wants to force this destructive, harmful process onto California. The BLM is trying to open as much as 1.6 million acres of public land in San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast counties, and local officials are worried about the damage that could be done. This should be the decision of California and local communities – we’re the ones that will pay the price, after all – but the Trump administration has made clear that it doesn’t care what Californians want.

Tom McClintock fully supports this administration’s destructive policies and exploitation of our natural resources. McClintock is selling us out, one vote at a time. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Trump administration moves to open 1.6 million acres to fracking, drilling in California