Tom’s Lockdown Lie

Tom McClintock maskless around Forst Service and CalFire employees

Tom McClintock appeared on KAHI Radio this week and leaned even more heavily into his claim that COVID-19 lockdowns are costing more lives than they are saving. He pointed to Sweden and the Netherlands as examples of countries that have suppressed COVID-19 without lockdowns. But once again, Tom McClintock’s claims fall apart when you dig a little deeper.

NPR interviewed a Swedish journalist to try to understand how Sweden has successfully managed COVID-19. As he explained, while Sweden didn’t mandate a lockdown, life in Sweden has been different “because we have been abiding under the recommendations that was put into place by the authorities.” He said that they “have this tradition of trust with our authorities” and “they recommended us to stay at home, to work at home. We didn’t meet friends or relatives, especially the older relatives. We were kind of into self-isolation, I would say.” Sweden obtained lockdown status voluntarily, because Swedes trust their government (in a way that too many Americans don’t).

Tom McClintock’s claim about the Netherlands doesn’t appear to be true. As this article explains, the Dutch chose to pursue “intelligent lockdown” – closing down bars, restaurants and similar businesses, but letting people leave home so long as they socially distanced. As this September 1 government announcement shows, the Netherlands continues to enforce lockdown measures. No singing or chanting in groups is allowed, and nightclubs and similar venues remain closed. This announcement explains – much like the rules that McClintock rails against in the U.S. – that “the different sectors have drawn up protocols with basic rules that everyone in the sector must follow.”

But views of the government in the U.S. are not like those in Sweden or the Netherlands. We have a stubborn streak, and too many of us don’t want the government to tell us what to do. In some parts of the country, lockdowns were met with gun-wielding protests and people like Tom McClintock defiantly refused to take the simplest measures to prevent the spread of the disease. Sweden’s approach won’t work here, and Tom McClintock is lying to us when he claims it would.

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