Tom McClintock’s Fire Policy Serves Corporate Interests, Not Ours

The Resilient Federal Forests Act aims to remove steps that ensure the U.S. Forest Service complies with federal environmental standards.

Tom McClintock’s stubborn refusal to consider any reasonable policy to address the forest fires that have become all too common in this District has caused tremendous harm. And there’s no end in sight, if McClintock continues as our representative.

For nearly ten years, Tom McClintock has represented California’s 4th District, one of the most fire-prone Districts in the Nation. For ten years, we have needed a solution to the ever-present problem of wildfires. And for ten years – including nineteen months of a federal government controlled completely by members of his own party – Tom McClintock has accomplished nothing. When he’s challenged on this simple and undeniable fact, he points to the Resilient Federal Forests Act, a bill he claims would solve all of our problems. As this article explains, that’s simply not true. This bill would simply be a giveaway to corporate interests, letting them destroy our land without any meaningful restraint. It is too extreme, even for this Congress. And while McClintock stubbornly refuses to consider any other solution to the tremendous problem of forest fires, nothing gets done. We’ve given McClintock long enough to enact a solution to this problem. He’s failed. We need a representative who will work for us, not the corporate interests that insist that uncontrolled logging is the only answer.

In this and virtually everything else he does, Tom McClintock supports unrestrained capitalism, regardless of the cost to the rest of us. McClintock is selling us out, one vote at a time. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Don’t Fall for the Resilient Federal Forests Act

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