The slate is set

Image of Have Your Say campaign

As we enter 2020, our focus is on the March 3 California primary. The slate for CD-4 is set – and it presents a real opportunity to Flip the Fourth.

District Four US Congressional incumbent Republican Tom McClintock has five challengers. Three of those are fellow Republicans, one is a Democrat and the other has no party preference. The Democrat is businesswoman Brynne Kennedy, the Republicans are historian/educator Julianne Benzel, State Parole Agent Jamie Byers and business owner Jacob Thomas. The no-party preference candidate is businessman/filmmaker Robert Lawton. The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, will move on to the November General Election. With such a split list, we have a real shot at having a Democrat coming in first in the primary – which would be a great position from which to flip the district in the fall!

And, it is long past time to replace the incumbent with someone who will represent CD-4. Tom McClintock has gone back on his promise and continues to live outside the district – because he is only using the district as a platform to pursue his extreme partisan views. In a district that contains such natural treasures as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, we have an active climate change denier that resists protecting such assets. While claiming to be against federal deficits, he voted for a deficit-busting tax cut that unequally targeted blue states like California. Instead, he chose to demonstrate being a deficit hawk by voting against a spending bill that included much-needed fire protection funding. He voted against lowering prescription drug costs. He voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

The examples of voting against the interest of his constituents goes on and on, which is why Sierra Forward is working hard to replace Tom McClintock. You can help us by