The “Nuisance” of a Pre-Existing Condition

Joe Manchin (D) W.Va.

We all need health care. Many of us have a pre-existing condition, and those that don’t undoubtedly know one of the one-in-four American adults who do. And so we all know how important it is — literally life-and-death for many — to have insurance to help manage that condition.

Tom McClintock doesn’t care. He and his family have health insurance — paid for by you, me and other taxpayers — and he certainly isn’t willing to give up his government-funded protection. But he’s consistently voted against ours. This week, Democrats in the Senate tried unsuccessfully to pass a bill that would protect Americans with pre-existing conditions. The GOP voted it down, proving again that they disagree with the vast majority of Americans on this critical issue. Tom McClintock didn’t vote on that bill but we know how he would have cast his vote. He’s referred to pre-existing conditions as “nuisances” and he’s consistently voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which provides the protection we need. Last year, he voted “yes” on a bill that nearly passed — shy of a single vote in the Senate — that would have given states the ability to waive critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions. He supports the lawsuit by Republican Attorney Generals across the Nation arguing that the ACA is unconstitutional given the damage Republicans already have done to that law. If it were up to Tom McClintock, insurance companies would be unrestrained, free to sell junk policies at sky-high prices, as many did before the ACA was enacted.

Tom McClintock’s extreme views would strip affordable health insurance from the people who need it the most. McClintock is selling us out, one vote at a time. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

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