The Lies that Do Us Harm

Tom McClintock and Brynne Kennedy debated for the first and only time this week, and McClintock was his usual perfidious self. One claim during his opening statement stuck out, not only for the brazenness of the lie, but also for its importance.

McClintock claimed during his opening statement that “in Trump’s first three years in office, average wages grew five times faster than they had in Obama’s eight years combined.” He attributed that supposed wage growth to “the largest combined tax and regulatory relief in our Nation’s history.” Neither of those statements appears to be true. As this BBC article shows, wages have been rising steadily since the Obama administration began, with no discernible change when the Trump administration enacted its massive giveaway to the wealthy, throwing away our tax dollars for no good reason. Growth under Trump “reached 2.1% per annum in February 2019, prior to the pandemic,” which is “lower than the real wage increases of up to 2.4% that President Obama oversaw in 2015.” Wages increased this year – the one and only sharp increase during the Trump administration – when the pandemic that Trump and his sycophants have dismissed and denied threw low wage earners out of work, causing the average wage in the country to skyrocket. The President’s constant claim that he built a strong economy is a lie, and every time Tom McClintock repeats it, he is lying to us.

These lies matter. In 2020, we have a choice. We can choose the party that lives the lies it has constructed – a party that insists that red is blue, up is down, and hate is love. We can choose a party that hasn’t made any real effort to improve our lives, but has lied so much about what it’s done that people believe and parrot those lies. We can embrace the alternate reality in which the GOP and its members like Tom McClintock now live, and continue to pretend that our lives are improving, while everything they do benefits the ultra-wealthy, leaving scraps for the rest of us. It’s no accident that under the GOP, the gains this year after the “pandemic plunge” have “flowed mainly to the most affluent households even as tens of millions of people endured job losses and shrunken incomes,” as this article explains.

Or we can choose the party that lives in the world that exists. We can choose the party that faces challenges with clear and open eyes, and works to fix those problems. We can choose the party that knows we have work to do, and is committed to doing that work. Under Democrats, and representatives like Brynne Kennedy, we’ll work to combat climate change, by increasing our investment in green technologies and finally ending the massive giveaway of our tax dollars to the oil and gas industry. We’ll work to ensure that our tax dollars are spent to strengthen our local economy, investing in badly-needed infrastructure and rural broadband, and fixing a broken tax system that forces the average American to pay a vastly higher tax rate than the ultra-wealthy. And we’ll work to fix our broken health care system, and ensure that everyone has access to affordable health care and medications.

We’ll never fix our problems if we don’t face them. Tom McClintock refuses to face them. California’s 4th District deserves better. We deserve a representative who sees our challenges with clear eyes and takes meaningful action to fix them. We deserve a representative who truly cares about what happens in this District. We deserve a representative who will fight for us.

Join us, as we fight to send Tom McClintock back to his own District, and to finally stop him from selling us out, one vote at a time. To learn more about the alternative, visit

Because we know, as Margaret Mead said, that “a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”