The Liar-in-Chief Continues to Corrode the Rule of Law

Donald Trump has never been a man who worried about truth, or following the rule of law. Now, with his brazen dupery, he has exposed a real danger in our democracy, that we will contain only if we all join together to fight.

Donald Trump lies because he understands the power of a lie. He understands that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will come to believe you. After 18 months of the Trump presidency, we’ve now learned that Trump’s lies do not simply persuade the devoted Trump fans. Eventually, they also persuade rank-and-file members of the GOP. This is why he constantly rages against the Attorney General for not protecting him from the Russia probe, insisting that he could, at any moment, disband the investigators working to determine whether he and his allies colluded with Russia to swing the election to him. This is why he lies about the report of the DOJ Inspector General, claiming that it exonerated him when it did no such thing. This is why Trump has recently embraced the power to pardon. As this article notes, with his use of pardons – all at his own whim, outside of the process followed for years by the executive branch – “Trump is sending the message that the law is whatever he says it is.” In these and many other ways, the man who has fought against the rule of law all of his life has decided to use the powers granted the President by the Constitution – and his deep disregard for the truth – to try to shift our perception of the rule of law in this country. Trump is trying to convince Americans that he is the law. If he succeeds, our democracy may be forever changed, as he pushes the power of unrepentant lying further and further.

Tom McClintock stands fully and unapologetically with President Trump, embracing and repeating the President’s lies. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

The Rule of Law Is Crumbling Further Each Day Under Trump