The GOP Has Failed Its Most Critical Test

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Tom McClintock is, if nothing else, consistent. He consistently supports the GOP’s agenda and its political leaders, no matter how destructive or negligent they are. He consistently condemns Democrats, no matter the value or importance of their policy ideas. And now, he’s stuck with his destructive approach to politics even as the GOP faced and failed its greatest test in decades.

The coronavirus found its footing in the U.S. and South Korea at approximately the same time, with their first reported deaths from COVID-19 on the same day. But the two country’s approaches to fighting this novel virus has differed drastically, providing a stark contrast between a well-governed Nation like South Korea, and a Nation whose leader cares more about himself than his constituents. Through word and deed, Donald Trump has made clear that he views testing as a bad thing. He has repeatedly declared his fear that testing would reveal that the coronavirus is more widespread in this country than we currently know, and his belief that his election prospects will be better if fewer people are tested. And so he has abdicated his solemn responsibility to the people of this Nation, and refused to take the steps needed at the federal level to increase the Nation’s testing capacity.

The GOP want to open the country back up anyway. They insist that businesses should resume and restrictions should end. But that short-sighted, destructive view will do much more harm than good. Until we can control the spread of the coronavirus, this country will not return to normal. Most people are staying at home because they fear and want to avoid spreading the virus, not because the government demands it. And those people will not start eating out at restaurants, or going to bars or bowling alleys or concerts, until they can be sure that they are not exposing themselves and their loved ones to unnecessary risk. We need widespread testing and contact tracing to provide those assurances — increasing our current testing capacity many times over. But as this article explains, “to an almost astonishing degree, the U.S. has no national plan for achieving this goal. There is no effort at the federal level that has mustered anything like the funding, coordination, or real resources that experts across the political spectrum say is needed to safely reopen the country.”

Tom McClintock could do something about this. He could work with other representatives to introduce the legislation we need to fix this problem, or use his platform as a U.S. Congressman to demand action at the federal level. But McClintock is consistent in his refusal to break with Republican politicians. The President does not want the widespread testing we need, and Tom McClintock is going along, as he always does.

California’s 4th District deserves better. We deserve a representative who sees our challenges with clear eyes and takes meaningful action to fix them. We deserve a representative who truly cares about what happens in this District. We deserve a representative who will fight for us.

Join us, as we fight to send Tom McClintock back to his own District, and to finally stop him from selling us out, one vote at a time.  To learn more about the alternative, visit

Because we know, as Margaret Mead said, that “a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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