Sean Frame for California CD4
Sean Frame – Candidate for California Congressional District 4

Sean Frame is running for Congress because the residents of California’s 4th Congressional District deserve real representation in Washington — an advocate that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Our current Representative Tom McClintock has always lived outside of our district and our communities have suffered for it. He is a no-government extremist who consistently prioritizes his fringe right-wing ideology over his constituents. It is time to send McClintock home.

Sean Frame is the local champion that can do just that.

According to a poll by Sierra Forward, 85% of CA-04 voters want a Congressperson that lives in the district. That makes sense. We know you cannot understand our problems without living here and you cannot deliver effective solutions if you do not understand the unique character of this district.

Sean does.

As Vice President of the Placerville Union School District, Sean has seen how lack of internet access, homelessness, and unfair federal funding hurt far too many of our children. Sean helped pass a bipartisan bond that delivered broadband to Placerville’s schools and ensured that technology is refreshed every four years. Sean will strengthen the social safety net and reform Title I and special education funding so that all students have the resources they need to thrive. Sean is proud to have nonpartisan endorsements from his fellow school board members

As a small business owner and member of CSEA Union Chapter 488, Sean knows the economic system is rigged for the already wealthy. Sean will fight for an economy that works for all of us by focusing on tax and regulatory fairness, investing in infrastructure including rural broadband, reining in healthcare and prescription drugs costs through Medicare for All, supporting unions, and never ever shutting down the government. The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council endorses Sean.

As a homeowner in the Sierra foothills, Sean recognizes that the threat of wildfire is a growing crisis. The inability to afford or obtain homeowner’s insurance is devastating our home values and we need a national disaster insurance program to pool risk fairly. Sean will invest in fire resiliency, including funding our fire safe councils, supporting biomass plants that generate electricity from cleared underbrush, and standing with our firefighters. Silke Pflueger, former candidate for State Senate District 01, endorses Sean.

As the co-founder of El Dorado Progressives, Sean has fought for the rights of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community and other marginalized communities. He vocally supports current House bills including the For the People Act, the Equality Act, the Dream & Promise Act, the Violence Against Women Act, and other social justice legislation. Tomas Evangelista, co-founder of the California Dreamers, endorses Sean

As the proud father of two teenage boys, Sean refuses to saddle our kids and future generations with student debt and a warming planet. Reducing student debt and carbon emissions are smart investments in our collective future. Ellyn Donovan, delegate to the Democratic Party and Sean’s wife, endorses Sean.

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