The citizens of California’s 4th Congressional District have been represented poorly by an ineffective congressman that doesn’t even live in our district.

Fortunately, two challengers have stepped forward to run for this seat. Meet the candidates.

Sean Frame

Sean Frame is running for Congress because the residents of California’s 4th Congressional District deserve real representation in Washington — an advocate that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. [read more….]

Brynne Kennedy

Brynne learned early on the values of community, hard work and standing up for what you believe in. [read more…]


As we kickoff the campaign to replace Tom McClintock, Sierra Forward will need your help to purchase the tools needed to reach out to the voters in our district (e.g. voter data, postcards and postage, this website, etc).

Please donate via ActBlue to help us Flip the 4th.