The Case Against McClintock

• He has promised to vote to cut Social Security even though 166,000 of his constituents depend on it, and that Social Security pumps $200 million a month into our economy.
• 55,000 of us in the 4th Congressional District are insured under the Affordable Care Act, but McClintock has consistently worked to gut Obama Care anyway. Health insurance premiums are already going up in California as a result.
• While scientific consensus has grown, McClintock dismisses any concern about climate change. In a town meeting last year he shrugged off a climate question by talking about the “Jurassic Era”.
• He worries aloud about the national debt but voted for tax cuts that will increase it by $1.5 trillion.
• He voted NO on wildfire and hurricane disaster relief.
• He doesn’t live in his own Congressional District, never has. If he can’t bother to vote for himself, why should we vote for him?
• Running for political office is the only real job McClintock has had in his adult life. This year is campaign #20.
• In Congress for nearly ten years, he has managed to pass only four bills: naming two post offices, a mountain peak, and transferring four acres of federal land.