November 7th: A Political Earthquake

Roseville Resistance at Galleria
Roseville Resistance at Galleria

Last Tuesday’s elections in Virginia, New Jersey and elsewhere proved to be at least an 8.5 temblor on the Richter scale of politics. The seismic shift sent shock waves from New Jersey’s Atlantic shore, to the Virginia Piedmont and all the way to Washington’s Puget Sound. But the shaking was felt elsewhere—including the ten foothill and mountain counties of California’s 4th Congressional District. The Virginia results were the most dramatic, as Democrats won tough races up and down the ballot. Ralph Northam (D) beat gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie (R) by nine full percentage points—the highest margin by a Democratic candidate for Virginia’s top spot in memory. Further, party candidates for the General Assembly nearly erased the GOP’s decades-long dominance of Virginia’s legislative branch.Smart-ass, bullying and ethically-challenged New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was so unpopular by Election Day that Democrat Philip Murphy was elected to the Garden State’s top office by over 13 points, with his party cleaning up in legislative and local office contests, as well.

In the Pacific Northwest, Washington voters in a King County State Senate district special election chose Democrat Manka Dhingra over her Republican opponent by over 10 points, giving her party control of both the executive and legislative branches.

What do these victories mean for CA CD4? The 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump and the reelection of Tom McClintock to Congress were painful to tens of thousands of residents of CD4. Rather than retreating from the fight, those citizens committed themselves to the battle, creating new volunteer groups—Indivisible, progressive and Democratic—from one end of the 200 mile-long district to the other.

Tuesday night, November 7, 2017 those thousands of new or returning CD4 activists cheered and—literally—jumped for joy as results from the day’s exercise in democracy were announced. And – of great importance to us – by Thursday leaders of the Democratic National Party moved to elevate CD 4 to its list of priority races in 2018. This is, and will prove to be, a very big deal.

Sierra Forward is part of that popular, patriotic and proud Resistance. It is a broad-based and diverse movement including Democrats, moderate Republicans and independents. We invite you to join with us, to volunteer your time, to contribute financially—today—so that we can spread the word to the 450,000 or so registered voters in this Congressional district (and register even more!).

Sierra Forward has one mission: to “Flip the 4th.” We are the secret weapon that will help the next Democratic nominee win CD4. And we need your help to do that. Donate, or donate by joining us at our Holiday Party and Fundraiser, where we will celebrate our successes, and look forward to a win in 2018!