Tell Tom McClintock: No more government shutdowns!

Tom McClintock (R - Elk Grove)
Thank you for all you did in our effort to replace Tom McClintock with a representative in Congress who is not beholden to Donald Trump, corporate donors and far-right ideology. While McClintock held on, it was his smallest margin of victory since he was first elected in 2008 to represent a district that he still has never lived in.

The close election has put our 4th Congressional District on the national map. We’ve shown winning is possible. Now we need to keep building the momentum to win the change we need to address the real emergencies we’re facing, like catastrophic wildfires. To do that, we need to hold McClintock accountable every time he votes against our interests.

Since his narrow re-election, McClintock has voted 12 times to keep the government shut down over the last month. While Trump finally relented, we could be back in the same mess in three weeks unless Congress hears from us now.

Please sign our petition to tell Tom McClintock: 12 times is enough — no more government shutdowns!

Every day the government was shut down, the U.S Forest Service was not working to prevent the next round of catastrophic wildfires from destroying our communities, and the Park Service was not protecting or managing OUR lands.

When the government was shut down, the FBI, TSA, air traffic controllers and the Coast Guard were all hobbled. Tax refunds were not processed. Thousands of our neighbors were sitting at home, looking for jobs, or forced to work without pay.  The shutdown cost the U.S. economy $11 billion. All for a wall that we don’t need or want, and that Mexico was supposed to pay for!

And what was Tom McClintock doing while the government was shut down? He voted to end sanctions on a Russian oligarch (one of just 53 out of 435 in the U.S. House), voted against supporting NATO (one of 22), voted against a bill to expand contracting opportunities for small business (one of 6), and even voted against an “Invest in Main Street” bill (one of just 2 in Congress!).

Tom McClintock is once again sacrificing his constituents and communities for extreme, far-right ideology and allegiance to Donald Trump. Tell him you expect him to start representing the people and lands of the 4th district, by voting against any more government shutdowns!

Thank you for taking action,

Les Francis,

Chair, Sierra Forward


Sierra forward is still working to replace Tom McClintock. Please help us get this job done!