Taking Cancer Money to Pay for Cages for Kids

Latino Family

This administration has found a way to bring to life the caricatures of evil that we previously believed could never happen here. And Tom McClintock is fully on board.

With each month, it seems, we’re given reason to wonder when this administration will hit its bottom. When will we see the example of cruelty and evil that could not possibly be surpassed? Last week, the Trump administration announced how it will supplement funding of its immigrant detention program. In addition to the $80 million being diverted from refugee resettlement programs – because we’ve abandoned our long-standing commitment to providing a refuge to people fleeing violence and war in other countries – the administration will take tens of millions from other programs administered by HHS. As Secretary Alex Azar explained, those programs include “$16.7 million from Head Start, $5.7 million from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program and $13.3 million from the National Cancer Institute. Money is also being diverted from programs dedicated to mental and maternal health, women’s shelters and substance abuse.” All of the people helped by these programs must suffer because the Trump administration is resolved to punish the people who come here looking for refuge. We hope this is the bottom but doubt it will be. We know from experience, though, that Tom McClintock will slide down with the rest of this administration, no matter how low it goes, until we end his reign as our representative.

Tom McClintock supports this President’s extreme anti-immigrant agenda, regardless of who it hurts. McClintock is selling us out, one vote at a time. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Trump Admin Will Pay for Immigrant Detention by Diverting Millions From Cancer Research, Other Programs