Electrical line towers

Tom’s Catering to His Donors, Again

Tom McClintock decided to use the rolling blackouts that again deprived many of his constituents of power as an opportunity to cater to the wishes of his regular campaign contributors like PG&E. Instead of acknowledging the true cause of the problems, he trotted out his regular scapegoat, “green energy” mandates.

Chart of corona virus cases

Look, A Squirrel!

The single most important challenge to this country right now is suppressing COVID-19. The USA has lost at least 136,000 people to COVID – and that number is almost certainly …

Fire damage in CD4

After Action Memo

  My neighborhood near Yosemite is pretty much decorated with handwritten signs thanking firefighters. They saved our community. They saved my house. This is my sign.   We weren’t here …

Cruelty, Based on Lies

Our President wants us to believe that his policies are designed to keep us safe, but he’s lying to us. And he’s doing his best to build a government based …