Stay Someplace Else in Las Vegas

Wanna know what happens next? Ask Michael Eggman. He’s right over there buried in money.

Last election, 2016, Democrat Eggman mounted a credible run at Republican Congressman Jeff Denham of Turlock.  Paul Ryan & Co. of Washington DC spent more than $3 million trashing Eggman on TV and other media.  He lost by about three percent of the vote. 

Generally, that’s what happens next. Trump Republicans and their friends will spend what they need to hold on to power. 

Here in the 4th Congressional District, what actually goes down next will be one of those good news-bad news things. The good news would be that the morning of June 6 or so, the political world concludes the Dems have a good shot at success, that McClintock’s ‘Safe’ seat is wobbly. 

The bad news is that the Reeps have trainloads of money ready to throw at our candidate if they want. Millions.

About a week ago Paul Ryan and his crew flew back to DC from Las Vegas with thirty million dollars to spend beating up promising Democratic campaigns.  The money was from Sheldon Adelson, owner of the hotel pictured up there at the top this note. 

Paul Ryan has already reserved $2.35 million to help Denham again.  There will be plenty left to help McClintock should he need it. 

Let’s make sure he does. Paul Ryan and Tom McClintock can retire from Congress together.  Go fishing or something.


Is Tom DeVries wrong, or are there really more and more Inconvenient Truths?