Sierra Forward Letter Writing Party

Sierra Forward Volunteers Write Letters

Another group of motivated letter writers met today to spread the word that Representative Tom McClintock is doing a horrible job of representing us while our tax dollars continue to pay his salary. The letters hit on the topics of Gun Control, The Endangered Species Act, Health Care, Global Warming, and Wildfire Prevention. The letters will be sent to local publications as “Letters to the Editor”.

Sierra Forward is hosting these “Letter Writing Parties” in El Dorado County on a monthly basis. Several people have volunteered their homes and delicious snacks for the occasions.

The letters are intended to reach out to the NPP, soft Democrat, and soft Republican audience.

The Letter Writing Parties serve multiple purposes: getting the anti-McClintock word out, networking with others in the community, supporting each other, and continuing to build a strong group of activists that will stand together in the 2020 election.

If you are interested in hosting a party or participating as a part of the Writing Team, please let Mary Elliott-Klemm know at

Mary Elliott-Klemm