Republican Shift and Shaft Tax Scam

The RATT Pack

Recent polling shows that over half the country opposes the tax proposals currently being considered by Congress. Why? Because they know it’s really a “Shift and Shaft Tax Scam.” Here’s how it works—



90% of the cuts go to the top 5% Employees trying to get a better job. Employer provided tuition – TAXED as income
Tax cut gifts to BIG business Students with debt. Student loan interest deduction GONE
Super wealthy – Individual estates over $4.5 million. No more estate tax Out-of-work who are re-training. Lifetime Learning Credit for continuing education and job training GONE


Just a few examples:

With college and job training more expensive than ever, ask yourself: why are education benefits targeted? The biggest losers are the middle class who are trying to get better jobs through continuing education and job training, and young people going to college or any post-secondary schooling.

So, who wins with these tax proposals?

As you’ve probably guessed, those with loads of money already – for instance, the ones currently calling the shots in Washington, D.C.

Universal pre-K and free tuition at public colleges for non-affluent students would cost the same amount as the corporate tax cut. Why is that option not on the table?

Tom “McGridlock” McClintock is just arguing about one detail of the tax proposal—an important detail, to be sure, but it isn’t the only bad thing about the overall proposal. Remember, McGridlock voted for the budget bill that paved the way for “Shift and Shaft Tax Scam” now under consideration. He is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Will you kick in to kick Tom out?


Harvard Harris Poll – 54% of voters oppose the Republican tax bill:

The Republican War on College: