Our Tax Dollars at Work

The Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy toward immigrants has led to the imprisonment of thousands of children in impromptu detention centers across the Nation, in what has now become a billion-dollar industry. And imprisonment, it is.

As other news reports have detailed, many of these children are being kept in horrific conditions. A report filed in a Los Angeles federal court described overcrowded and freezing conditions, filthy toilets, inadequate access to water, and disgusting food. A media report described a toddler returned to his mother after three months in detention covered in dirt and body lice, apparently unbathed for the entire time he was there. An ACLU report described physical and sexual abuse of children. And these cruel conditions are being funded by our tax dollars. The Trump Administration has entered into contracts worth a billion dollars, as companies originally created for other purposes, such as housing and detaining at-risk youth, have shifted and expanded their operations to start housing migrant children. These children will suffer emotional trauma for years to come, perhaps for their lifetime, because of the inhumane policies embraced by this Administration.

Tom McClintock is fervently anti-immigrant and fully supports this Administration’s cruel treatment of the people who come here looking for asylum. McClintock is selling us out, one vote at a time. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Detaining Immigrant Kids Is Now a Billion-Dollar Industry