Today, across America, citizens of all stripes, civic and community leaders, business people, workers, friends and neighbors, students and teachers, are disgusted with the current state of our political environment. Looking to turn their aspirations to the future, they are rejecting today’s polarized politics and dysfunction. What does the future hold for them, their children and their communities?

This renewed spirit of activism and engagement is evident in California’s 4th Congressional District. From suburbs of Sacramento, to the small Gold Rush-era towns of the foothills and rural communities in the High Sierra, voters are looking to the critical election of 2018 as an opportunity—to get involved, to register to vote, to listen and learn, to engage, and ultimately to vote for change, to make a positive difference.

Sierra Forward is an expression of that renewed spirit.

As a citizen-led political organization within California’s 4th Congressional District (CA CD4), Sierra Forward is reaching out to, engaging with and involving voters from across the political spectrum—left, center and right. We can find common ground through open minds.

Believing that no member of Congress should be immune from listening, responding, representing and ultimately reflecting the values and needs of his district, Sierra Forward will be doing everything it can to register, inform, persuade, motivate and turnout voters who seek and deserve new and better Congressional representation—in 2018 and beyond.