The California Sierra is central to the life of our state. Fully 60% of the water in the state comes from the Sierra Nevada region.1 It provides much of California’s wild lands, and our people lead or staff its businesses, governments and civic organizations. They teach our children and provide medical care to all of us, while also supporting veterans, seniors, and those in need.

Some of the key issues in the region are common elsewhere: jobs, sustainable economic opportunity, accessible quality health care, well-functioning towns, and thriving public schools. Others are more unique to the Sierra – addressing wildfires and their impact on things like insurance, better forest management, managing increasingly-limited water, and the cost and availability of housing.

Sierra Forward believes the mountain counties and people have distinct economic, social and environmental concerns and views, that local solutions are often best, and that there is value in frank, inclusive discussion. We believe that California can’t be healthy, environmentally or economically, if the Sierra is not.

Sierra Forward is not a political party. Although many of us have been involved in politics, we believe that most of the important concerns of our communities are shared across partisan divides and that our conversations and possible solutions lie outside ideological lines.

Sierra Forward’s mission is to support and encourage like-minded candidates for elections in our region that will implement pragmatic solutions that meet our unique local needs. With the support of engaged, connected citizens, we will move beyond division and get meaningful things done.

1 Trees vs. humans: In California drought, nature gets to water first (