Our Chance to Change Our Government

1 of 435.

Jessica Morse for Congressional District 4
Jessica Morse for Congressional District 4

That’s the number I focused on when I was deciding what to do to help change my government – to push us back to the path we had strayed from, a path committed to the ideal that government works for us, and that the government must play a role in ensuring that every person in this country has a chance to succeed and thrive.

1 of 435. That number told me that my part would be meaningful, at a time when I needed to know that I could make a difference, that my work would matter. I focused on the 435 members of the House of Representatives, and the one who represents me. I focused on his failures – his failure to ever fight for anything to improve the lives of the people who call this District home; his failure to treat me and my neighbors and friends with respect; his failure to acknowledge that our priorities and needs matter too. I focused on what a different representative could do for this District, and the Nation. I focused on what it would take to defeat him. Because when I focused on what I personally could do, and made it manageable – made it possible – I found the strength I needed to join the fight.

That’s what we’ve been doing for nearly two years. We’ve been fighting to change our country, one Congressional seat at a time. And now, at last, the hard work of thousands of people across this District is coming to fruition.

Now, we are on the verge of electing Jessica Morse, and at long last having real representation in this District – someone who cares about and will fight for us.

Tom McClintock’s time has come. For ten years, McClintock has been selling us out, one vote at a time. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better. We deserve Jessica Morse.

We are excited to go to the polls on Tuesday, to finally vote him out – and vote her in. We hope you join us in doing our part to fix this country we all love.