Sierra Forward

Sierra Forward has a team of dedicated researchers working to bring change to the 4th Congressional District.

  • Capitol Dome Tom’s Twisting the Constitution, Again (5/24/2020) - Tom McClintock long has claimed to care about our Constitution. He trots it out when it suits him, to insist that he's just trying to protect our constitutional rights. But as is his wont, Tom twists the Constitution to serve his political goals.
  • Bad politicians The Untold Story of American Non-voters (5/18/2020) - Getting every eligible voter to cast a ballot will be key to removing a representative who works against his constituents.
  • Black and white photo of American Flag The GOP Has Failed Its Most Critical Test (5/10/2020) - Tom McClintock is, if nothing else, consistent. He consistently supports the GOP's agenda and its political leaders, no matter how destructive or negligent they are.
  • US Constitution Doubling Down on the Death Cult (5/3/2020) - McClintock bemoans the restrictions enacted as a life-saving measure across the country. He insists it's time to open up. He's just doubling down on the death cult taking over the right.
  • Corona patient in NY COVID-19 Exposes the Flaws in our Fragmented Health Care System (4/26/2020) - It also has exposed many of the flaws in the policies Tom McClintock has embraced for his entire political career. The country's fragmented and uneven health care system, which Republicans stubbornly refuse to fix, is at the top of the list.
  • Washington Drive-thru COVID testing Tom McClintock Fully Embraces the Death Cult (4/19/2020) - He'd rather condemn people to death than adopt policies at a federal level that might expose how badly the Trump administration has bungled its response to COVID-19.
  • Tom McClintock COVID-19 Has Exposed the Lie in McClintock’s Policies (4/12/2020) - ...he ignores the proof we get with every Republican Administration that his hands-off approach to government does not work.
  • Dr Fauci Facepalm While COVID-19 Found Its Footing in the U.S., McClintock Tilted at Windmills (4/5/2020) - They're supposed to keep us safe. Their job is to keep us safe. Tom McClintock's job is to keep us safe. But like the rest of the GOP, Tom McClintock chooses to ignore the things that truly threaten us, and to rage at phantoms instead.
  • COVID-19 Outbreak Tom McClintock’s Disdain for Government Does Us Harm (3/29/2020) - A government small enough to drown in the bathtub. That’s been the GOP’s goal for decades — to shrink the government so much that it plays no role in our ...
  • Nancy Pelosi on Corona Tom McClintock’s Disdain For His Constituents (3/22/2020) - We’ve known for a while that Tom McClintock has little regard for the people he’s supposed to serve. He doesn’t worry much about the families struggling to make ends meet ...