Sierra Forward

Sierra Forward has a team of dedicated researchers working to bring change to the 4th Congressional District.

  • COVID-19 Outbreak Tom McClintock’s Disdain for Government Does Us Harm (3/29/2020) - A government small enough to drown in the bathtub. That’s been the GOP’s goal for decades — to shrink the government so much that it plays no role in our ...
  • Nancy Pelosi on Corona Tom McClintock’s Disdain For His Constituents (3/22/2020) - We’ve known for a while that Tom McClintock has little regard for the people he’s supposed to serve. He doesn’t worry much about the families struggling to make ends meet ...
  • Balanced Budget The Harm a Balanced Budget Would Do (3/8/2020) - Tom McClintock long has fought for an amendment to the Constitution that would require a balanced budget -- forcing the U.S. Government to reduce its spending to match its revenue every year. Sounds good in principle. But he never tells you all the harm a balanced budget would do.
  • Image of older woman Balancing the Budget on the Backs of Seniors (3/1/2020) - But once again, McClintock is nowhere to be seen when his constituents need him to fight for them
  • Chinatown bodega Taking Food From Needy Veterans (2/23/2020) - As with everything else he does, McClintock simply ignores the enormous harm his policies would do to veterans, too many of whom are forced to rely on these benefits to survive.
  • Veterans protesting This Is Not How You Support Veterans (2/16/2020) - Tom McClintock likes to claim that he supports the military and veterans. But like so many of McClintock's policies, his words and his deeds do not match.
  • McClintock Skewed Priorities Tom McClintock’s Skewed Priorities (2/9/2020) - Tom McClintock voted "No," continuing his feckless and unquestioning support of this Administration.
  • Tom McClintock Only Bad Ideas on Healthcare (1/26/2020) - Access to quality health care -- and good insurance that we can actually afford -- is a critical issue for the residents of California's 4th District and the rest of the Nation. Our GOP representatives claim that they care about this issue. But they don't act like it.
  • Image of pills Another “No” Vote From Tom (1/19/2020) - Tom McClintock's "No" vote last month on H.R. 3, Pharmaceutical Price Controls, is one of his worst. Prescription drug prices are out of control in the U.S. — with lifesaving medicine too expensive for many people to afford — and once again McClintock put the interests of rich companies ahead of the interests of his constituents.
  • Chipping Away at Our Healthcare (1/5/2020) - Tom McClintock’s views regarding the Affordable Care Act are well-known. He ignores the huge challenges people faced before the ACA — the prices that skyrocketed every year, the insurers who ...