Sierra Forward

Sierra Forward has a team of dedicated researchers working to bring change to the 4th Congressional District.

  • Tom’s Embrace of Death Panels (9/27/2020) - Tom McClintock, like most of the GOP, would end the Affordable Care Act if he could... Once again, Tom has failed his constituents on a critical issue.
  • Today, We Mourn (9/20/2020) - Today, we mourn the death of the 107th Justice of the United States Supreme Court — the second woman ever confirmed to that Court — the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. ...
  • Tom’s Perpetual Failure (9/13/2020) - Tom McClintock has been a politician for nearly forty years. He’s done little else in his life. For almost twelve of those years, he’s represented California’s 4th District – a ...
  • Tom McClintock maskless around Forst Service and CalFire employees Tom’s Lockdown Lie (9/6/2020) - Tom McClintock appeared on KAHI Radio this week and leaned even more heavily into his claim that COVID-19 lockdowns are costing more lives than they are saving. He pointed to Sweden and the Netherlands as examples of countries that have suppressed COVID-19 without lockdowns. But once again, Tom McClintock’s claims fall apart when you dig a little deeper.
  • The Big Lie (8/30/2020) - Tom McClintock likes to pretend that he cares about the Constitution, and the laws of this country. But like the rest of the GOP, he’s just playing his part in the “law and order” lie.
  • Electrical line towers Tom’s Catering to His Donors, Again (8/23/2020) - Tom McClintock decided to use the rolling blackouts that again deprived many of his constituents of power as an opportunity to cater to the wishes of his regular campaign contributors like PG&E. Instead of acknowledging the true cause of the problems, he trotted out his regular scapegoat, “green energy” mandates.
  • Image of Trust fund ratios Ignoring the Important Things (8/16/2020) - This week President Trump told us in no uncertain terms that he will destroy the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund if we let him.
  • Chart of COVID deaths The True Toll of COVID-19 (8/9/2020) - Tom McClintock is in full campaign mode, appearing on NewsMax and radio programs, and speaking out on Twitter about the things that matter to him. The lives and health of his constituents isn’t important enough to merit a mention.
  • Half Dome, McClintock and Robert E Lee It’s wasn’t half-dome (8/4/2020) - Tom McClintock voted to support one of these monuments. Hint: It wasn't Half Dome.
  • Table of COVID Infections Where Is Tom When We Need Him? (7/26/2020) - Tom McClintock is nowhere to be seen on the issues that really matter right now.