Sierra Forward

Sierra Forward has a team of dedicated researchers working to bring change to the 4th Congressional District.

  • Half Dome, McClintock and Robert E Lee It’s wasn’t half-dome (8/4/2020) - Tom McClintock voted to support one of these monuments. Hint: It wasn't Half Dome.
  • Table of COVID Infections Where Is Tom When We Need Him? (7/26/2020) - Tom McClintock is nowhere to be seen on the issues that really matter right now.
  • Students in normal school setting Kids Are Not Political Pawns (7/19/2020) - Tom McClintock decided to wade into the debate over school openings, and revealed once again how toxic and dangerous his politics are.
  • Chart of corona virus cases Look, A Squirrel! (7/12/2020) - The single most important challenge to this country right now is suppressing COVID-19. The USA has lost at least 136,000 people to COVID – and that number is almost certainly ...
  • US Troops in Afghanistan The Silence Is Deafening (7/5/2020) - Tom McClintock, again, stayed silent when we need him to speak out against a president who has betrayed the people he swore to serve.
  • Chart comparing mask vs no-mask infection rates CA-04’s Ridiculous Representative (6/28/2020) - Tom McClintock has become that ridiculous cult member, following the lead of a President who’s behavior has become self-destructive.
  • COVID-19 Outbreak COVID-19 cases spike in Placer County (6/26/2020) - The re-opening of Placer County is not going well. As of June 25, Placer County reports 579 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Almost half have occurred in the last 14 days.
  • Cheif Justice John Roberts Tom’s Pretending to Care About the Rule of Law, Again (6/21/2020) - Tom McClintock likes to pretend that he cares about the rule of law. This week he tweeted his criticism of the Supreme Court’s decision concluding that the President did not ...
  • Image of Pilot in COVID Mask The Broken Politics of Tom McClintock (6/14/2020) - Tom McClintock thumbs his nose at the science that gives us the easiest path to stopping the spread of COVID-19.
  • McClintock Divides Us Tom McClintock Is Working Hard to Divide Us (6/7/2020) - Tom McClintock decided to speak up this week about the horrific murder of George Floyd. He gave Mr. Floyd’s memory a couple of sentences in his press release, acknowledging — ...