McClintock to Amtrak: Drop Dead

A few days ago while you were paying your taxes (or not, if you are perhaps quite wealthy or a large corporation), our Congress guy, Tom McClintock, was snuggling up to the American Conservative Union which named him 2017’s Most Conservative Congressman in California. 

That was impressive, so we looked up what you have to do to get there.

Turns out McClintock toed the Right Wing line 24 out of 25 times.  Among his stands, he voted to defund Amtrak and Planned Parenthood. He voted to raise the age to qualify for Social Security. Yes votes on repealing Dodd-Frank, Obama Care, and the Tax Cut for the rich. He was against class action lawsuits and abortion after 20 weeks.  And, oh yes, voted No on emergency disaster relief for hurricanes and wildfires. 

Now there is a record to run on.

In case it is not clear how Tom McClintock sees the world, note that he also stands out in the eyes of the AFL-CIO. His lifetime rating by the labor group is 5 percent, the worst in the entire California delegation.  Jeff Denham of Turlock, no liberal for heaven sakes, gets 25 percent. Kevin McCarthy, the Bakersfield Republican and number two in House leadership, finds common cause with labor twice as often as our Tom. 

McClintock also has never found anything to like from Planned Parenthood (zero rating), National Education Association (zero rating), the NAACP (zero), or League of Conservation Voters (ditto).


Tom DeVries is getting several robot-calls a day from a person speaking Chinese, which is weirdly an improvement over the ones about credit card debt.