McClintock in the Way of Affordable Healthcare

Voters want affordable health insurance. They want to be able to protect themselves and their family from tragedy and engage in preventative care, so they can keep small problems from turning into large ones.

Donald Trump promised us he would fight for a better health insurance system. He told us it would be easy. But Congress stands in the way. Tom McClintock stands in the way of a health care system that guarantees access to the affordable health care we all need. The GOP has been trying for years to destroy the Affordable Care Act, and the President has now joined them in their battle.  When Congress couldn’t muster the votes to rescind the ACA — because the majority of Americans have realized the ACA provides important protections — the Trump administration launched a different attack. Now, it’s death by a thousand cuts. Through a variety of Rule changes and Executive Orders, the Administration has done its level best to send the ACA into a death spiral. And we will pay for it. As this article explains, premiums are going up sharply, including by double digits in some places. Families who already are struggling to get by will have to pay much more for their insurance – sacrificing in other areas – or simply decide to go without.

Tom McClintock supports these attacks on the health insurance that is critical for so many members of our community. This is one of the many reasons we oppose Tom McClintock. California’s Fourth District, and this country, deserve better.

Trump moves pushing up Obamacare premiums for 2019