McClintock Disunity Campaign

On January 3, Tom McClintock posted that “We desperately need intensive state and federal investigations into all the allegations of fraud in this election….Until there is a full public airing and resolution of the charges, the questions will remain, and a lingering pall of illegitimacy will stalk the new administration. “ By doing so, he is continuing to perpetuate the lie that there was fraud in this election. Instead, he engages in a circular argument – he tells his constituents that there are “charges” to be investigated, even though there are not, and then reports back that his constituents believe this.

McClintock says that “Many Americans still have serious concerns about the integrity of the vote in this election, and rightly so.” No, it is not right. If McClintock and his fellow Trump-enablers would tell their constituents the truth – that we just completed a free and fair election, and there is no evidence of fraud – this wouldn’t be happening.

McClintock should be telling his constituents that this was “the most secure [election] in American history,” according to Chris Krebs – the lifelong Republican who was appointed to oversee the election but fired when he refused to embrace Trump’s lies. But, he doesn’t.

He should be telling his constituents that Attorney General William Barr maintained that the DOJ has “not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election” right up to the time he resigned to avoid Trump’s wrath. But, he doesn’t.

He should also admit that there has not been a single case of fraud upheld by the courts. In a remarkable show of near-unanimity across the nation’s judiciary, at least 86 judges (44% of which were appointed by Republicans) ruled against post-election lawsuits filed by President Trump or his supporters since Election Day. Most of the lawsuits didn’t even pretend to offer evidence of fraud. But, you won’t hear that from McClintock, because he would rather continue to divide us.

He has hypocritically railed against mail-in ballots even though a majority of the voters in his own district vote that way.

Tell Tom McClintock it’s time for him to be honest with us. Please sign our petition asking Tom McClintock to acknowledge that we just had a free and fair election, that there was no material evidence of fraud, and that we should no longer question the integrity of the election.