Is Arnold Schwarzenegger wrong? We should ask Congressman McClintock.

The Governor/Movie Star said the other day on CNN that his party, the Republican Party, McClintock’s party, is ‘dying at the box office.’ Presumably McClintock doesn’t agree. So let’s review who really understands Republicans.

In 2003 McClintock ran against Schwarzenegger for governor of California. And Arnold trounced him. Really bad. Nearly 4 to 1. Actually embarrassing. McClintock even lost to Arnold in every county in what is now his own Congressional District.

Schwarzenegger vaporized him in Calaveras and even worse in El Dorado.

Arnold thinks the Republicans have failed to speak about health care, education, and the environment, or to women.

Ask Congressman McClintock — is Arnold Schwarzenegger wrong?

Tom DeVries is one of those mainstream print and TV journalists you’ve heard so much about. He lives in the Sierra where he raised children and County Fair award-winning peaches. Send kind notes to him at