Rochelle Wilcox, VP Communications
Rochelle Wilcox, Vice Chair Communications


Roza Calderon
Roza Calderon – Candidate for California’s 4th Congressional District



Sierra Forward

A Campaign For The Future
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward1 day ago
The citizens of California’s 4th Congressional District have been represented poorly by an ineffective congressman that doesn’t even live in our district.

Fortunately, two of our neighbors have stepped forward to run for this seat. Meet the candidates.

We will be sharing biographies for Sean Frame and Brynne Kennedy soon. Stay tuned!
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward5 days ago
South Lake Tahoe Democratic Leader and stalwart Sierra Forward advocate, Sue Chandler, is on the East Coast; she is there preparing to celebrate daughter Sierra’s graduation from Rutger’s law school. Those preparations did not preclude, however, a visit to the Rachel Maddow Show and time spent with Ms. Maddow! Lots of envious fans in the 4th CD, Sue!
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward7 days ago
The Mineta Legacy Project captures the life, career, and contributions of Norman Mineta with an hour-long nationally televised documentary, An American Story: Norman Mineta and His Legacy, and a free web-based educational curriculum.
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward1 week ago
In my line of work, I run into more than a few Democrats whose mood swings of late are frankly semi-wild. Last November, when their party won 41 Republican U.S. House seats and took the House majority from the GOP, Democrats were almost giddy, increasingly confident that ...
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward2 weeks ago
Some say the party needs to do better at talking to people in small towns. Others say that’s a waste of time. For now, the 2020 candidates are giving it a shot.
Sierra Forward
Sierra Forward2 weeks ago
“There’s no anger about what’s going on. You’re a 10-year-old kid. But you see it reflected in your parents, their peers, and my older sisters and my older brother.”