Dear Friend and Fellow Concerned Citizen:
Everyday, we are deluged by requests for contributions—to charities, to worthy non-profits, and political causes or candidates. Sometimes the pitches for money are echoed with phone calls.

But, I can’t contribute to everything. I have to make choices. Who or what should I contribute to? And, how much? Let me take just a few minutes to tell you why I hope you’ll consider our request to contribute to Sierra Forward.

As we look at the condition of our country, the political turmoil and gridlock, the critical unmet needs of our children and our communities, we are disheartened by what we see and feel. We swing between hopelessness and anger. But, each morning we wake up determined to make a difference, to agitate or advocate for change. We ask, “What can we do? What will have the most impact?”

Those of us at Sierra Forward have decided that the most important thing we can do is to change our representation in Congress.

Rep. Tom McClintock is not–and will never be–part of the solution to the problems we face; he’s a prime example of the problem. Rep. McClintock contributes to the gridlock and inaction in our Nation’s Capitol. Perhaps his lack of concern for the people and communities of the 4th Congressional District stems from the fact that he doesn’t even live in the district. Maybe it’s because he apparently thinks being a rubber stamp for Donald Trump is more important than being an advocate for us.

We at Sierra Forward are organizing and advocating for Congressional representation that will:

  • Work across the partisan aisle to solve problems;
  • Strive for high quality public education for everyone;
  • Lead the effort to grow our local economy and create good paying jobs;
  • Realize that climate change is real and dangerous;
  • Invest in infrastructure, including high speed Internet access and reliable cellular service;
  • Pay attention to the people who live here, rather than the special interests and big money donors.

Whoever ends up challenging Tom McClintock should have a fair shot, and it is Sierra Forward’s mission to make sure that happens. We are building a volunteer-based district wide volunteer organization; we’re registering voters and encouraging them to vote in next fall’s election. And all of that costs money.

That means we, like other worthy causes, need your help. I am asking you to consider donating today. Any amount will be deeply appreciated.

Jim Hermann
Chairman and CEO Sierra Forward