The World We Want

What do we want from those we choose to represent us in the federal government? Why do we select one person over another? What should we expect from the person we elect? Those are the questions we are asking right now.

The Lies that Do Us Harm

Tom McClintock and Brynne Kennedy debated for the first and only time this week, and McClintock was his usual perfidious self. One claim during his opening statement stuck out, not only for the brazenness of the lie, but also for its importance.

Tom’s Wasted Years

Tom McClintock has been receiving a generous salary, health care and plenty of other benefits – funded by our taxes – for nearly twelve years. In exchange he was supposed …

Tom McClintock maskless around Forst Service and CalFire employees

Tom’s Lockdown Lie

Tom McClintock appeared on KAHI Radio this week and leaned even more heavily into his claim that COVID-19 lockdowns are costing more lives than they are saving. He pointed to Sweden and the Netherlands as examples of countries that have suppressed COVID-19 without lockdowns. But once again, Tom McClintock’s claims fall apart when you dig a little deeper.

Chart of corona virus cases

Look, A Squirrel!

The single most important challenge to this country right now is suppressing COVID-19. The USA has lost at least 136,000 people to COVID – and that number is almost certainly …

Capitol Dome

Tom’s Twisting the Constitution, Again

Tom McClintock long has claimed to care about our Constitution. He trots it out when it suits him, to insist that he’s just trying to protect our constitutional rights. But as is his wont, Tom twists the Constitution to serve his political goals.

Tom McClintock

Only Bad Ideas on Healthcare

Access to quality health care — and good insurance that we can actually afford — is a critical issue for the residents of California’s 4th District and the rest of the Nation. Our GOP representatives claim that they care about this issue. But they don’t act like it.

Image of pills

Another “No” Vote From Tom

Tom McClintock’s “No” vote last month on H.R. 3, Pharmaceutical Price Controls, is one of his worst. Prescription drug prices are out of control in the U.S. — with lifesaving medicine too expensive for many people to afford — and once again McClintock put the interests of rich companies ahead of the interests of his constituents.

Chipping Away at Our Healthcare

Tom McClintock’s views regarding the Affordable Care Act are well-known. He ignores the huge challenges people faced before the ACA — the prices that skyrocketed every year, the insurers who …

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

If their proposals were good policy — if they offered solutions that our country needs — the GOP would have no reason to lie. We know their arguments are empty …

Donald Trump

Stunning Hypocrisy

Stunning, breathtaking hypocrisy. Those are the words that come to mind as Tom McClintock once again expresses his full support for Donald Trump’s power-grab. During the Obama administration, McClintock railed …

Protect Our Care

The Lives Saved by the ACA

As the residents of California’s Fourth District go to the polls to cast their votes, we urge them to focus on the policies that impact their lives. Health insurance is …

Held Hostage by Health Insurance

Life Without the ACA

As the midterm approaches, the lies from the right multiply exponentially. Across the Nation, GOP politicians are promising that they will protect the ACA’s pre-existing coverage, even as those same …

No double dipping!

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Tom McClintock’s hypocrisy is on full display when he rails against government spending — a criticism that never applies to spending that benefits him or his family. He’s made clear …

Helen, a five-year-old from Honduras, was detained by the Trump Administration.

Go Home and Get in Line

Go home and get in line. That’s this writer’s most stark memory of a Tom McClintock town hall early last year. And that’s one of the reasons I’m so committed …

Women's rights

The GOP’s War on Women

With the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, the country is at risk of returning to days we thought we had put behind us. The days when …

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan smirking

When Will Their Greed Be Sated?

In a well-functioning government, our representatives would evaluate policy based on facts and experience, and enact laws designed to actually improve people’s lives. But we do not have a well-functioning …

Kavanaugh is Mad

Does the Truth Matter?

A few years ago, the answer to this question from both sides of the political divide would have been the same. We had different truths – our news sources have …