McClintock Disunity Campaign

Tell Tom McClintock it’s time for him to be honest with us. Please sign our petition asking Tom McClintock to acknowledge that we just had a free and fair election, that there was no material evidence of fraud, and that we should no longer question the integrity of the election.

Tom McClintock

Only Bad Ideas on Healthcare

Access to quality health care — and good insurance that we can actually afford — is a critical issue for the residents of California’s 4th District and the rest of the Nation. Our GOP representatives claim that they care about this issue. But they don’t act like it.

Tom McClintock

This is bad management

It’s almost as if Tom McClintock wants us to send him back to his own District. As if — somewhere deep inside — he knows that he doesn’t have what …

CD-4 News

At the pre-endorsement conference held Saturday October 5, 2019, over 75% of the votes were for Brynne Kennedy. This means her name will be put on the Consent Calendar at …