Les Francis, far left, sits with Representative Don Edwards, President Jimmy Carter and Representative Norm Mineta aboard Air Force One. Courtesy photo

America Held Hostage in Debt Ceiling Fight

The U.S. and other civilized nations do not believe in negotiating with terrorist hostage takers. They take that position because it increases the likelihood of further hostage-taking.

In other words, it only encourages further bad behavior.

Governments know this, as does any parent dealing with the temper tantrum of a two-year- old.

And it is what Joe Biden knows about “negotiating” with Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Congressional legislative terrorists (a term used by former Republican Speaker John Boehner in describing fellow Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, now a key GOP House leader).

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and other members of the current House majority are holding America hostage in the fight over raising the national debt ceiling. At a minimum, we dare not reward bad behavior.

Let your Representative in Congress—either Doug LaMalfa (CD 1), Kevin Kiley (CD 3), or Tom McClintock (CD 5), know that you oppose legislative terrorism. Tell them to vote to raise the debt ceiling and pay America’s bills.

And while you are at it, consider donating to Sierra Forward… Active and engaged in Northern California.