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Sierra Forward.

A Campaign for the Future

Sierra Forward’s mission is to address the needs of our Foothill and Mountain communities by encouraging and supporting causes, campaigns and candidates that will lead to mainstream solutions and fact-based decision-making in public policy. We will focus on the many things that unite us while also speaking honestly and with respect about those that divide.



Les Francis

By Les Francis


Beginning in early 2023, it became evident that some members of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, in part egged on by right wing elements of the community, had their sights set on abolishing the county’s Human Rights Commission (HRC).

Critics of the commission variously argued that it was “too activist’ or “ineffective” (never pausing to reflect that both things might be difficult to be at the same time). 

Two members of the Board of Supervisors (Lori Parlin and George Turnboo, were known to be firmily in the camp devoted to abolishing the HRC. Two were infavor of keeping it, John Hidahl and Brooke Laine (who Sierrra Forward endorsed in her race last November). It was hoped that Board Chair, Wendy Thomas, might be a persuadable swing vote (which turned out not to be the case).

Sierra Forward joined with allied groups and individuals in an effort to save the commission (which was established by the Board in 2018 in response to a number of ugly incidents in the county).

Members of the Sierra Forward Leadership team communicated directly in writing to the entire Board, wrote letters to the editor of the Mountain Democrat, and had one in person meeting with Board Chair Ms. Thomas.

In fact, the Board was deluged with messages and testimony from our side (with very few weighing in on the other side), but it was all to no avail. On March 21, the Board voted 3 to 2 to kill the HRC.

But the news is not all bad: The issue galvanized progressives and those in the “sensible center” in favor of human rights and in opposition to the loud mouths on the “alt right”.

It also served to propel many residents from being concerned citizens into highly motivated, vocal and active participants in the local policy making arena.

Those folks will be heard from again!